Flourishing as a small business is challenging, and one of the key elements to succeeding when you’re low on resources and budget is to learn how to do things yourself.

One of the key elements to my service is offering you this opportunity.

Learn content, copywriting & SEO for small business

During a small set of sessions, I can teach you the important copywriting and SEO elements that make a difference to your business’ online visibility. Not only that, I can instruct you on how to identify and repair issues that exist on your site.

By coaching you on these important digital marketing elements, I believe I can be of best assistance to your business, while also negating the need for you to rely on my services on an ongoing basis. This reduces your spend during the critical growth moments of your small business.

Reduce costs through clever investment

While reducing your reliance on someone like me may seem like a strange move on my part, I maintain that the true way to help your business is to give you the fundamental understanding of why content & SEO is important, what does and what doesn’t make a difference, and how to positively influence your website is paramount to your success.

And that’s what I care about most.

To learn more about my training options and how I can help your business, get in touch today!