While the concept is simple, the road to optimising your website for search engines isn’t black and white. SEO evolves as Google and the search engines themselves do, meaning that there’s a mix between best practices and creative tactics to consider when looking to better your websites ranking.

SEO is all about convincing the search engine to recommend your website to the people that are looking for businesses like yours. They do this by crawling, indexing, and ranking your website based on an extensive list of factors.

In order to rank on the first page of Google, you need focused and consistent effort in the creation or renovation of your website, the content that fills your website, and the people that talk about your products or services.

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint and it’s important to have a strategy in place that prioritises the actions you need to take in order to see the most benefit.

Be seen by the people that want to see you, by being found where they’re looking.

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