A strong Digital Marketing Strategy is making quantifiable actions then reviewing the data to make informed future decisions. Understanding what is and isn’t working, controlling your marketing budget and really getting to know your target market are things you can easily achieve through reporting.

What’s Included?

My reporting package is comprised of two primary actions – The initial setup and a monthly report. I use SEMrush, an industry-standard and enterprise level software, as my primary reporting tool.

Initial Setup Inclusions

I’ll provide you with a detailed questionnaire that will ask you to give insights on your business, which keywords (search terms) you want to be known for/rank for, some information on your competitors and current industry positioning.

From there, I perform Keyword Research which is an intensive review of all the keywords associated with your business/industry and organise them into categories for goal purposes.

These keywords are vetted and approved by you before they’re added to the reporting software. These keywords will be also be used to measure your visibility in Google search results and ranking positions versus your competitors.

Your initial setup also includes a benchmark report. This provides you with some valuable insights as to how you’re currently tracking and sets the foundation with which to measure progress upon.

Monthly Reporting

Your monthly report includes;

  • Keyword Rankings
  • Search Visibility
  • Website Health (from an SEO perspective)
  • Detailed insights and recommended actions!

As detailed above, these reports don’t just provide a snapshot of how you are traveling online, they come complete with detailed analysis an insights from me! With a strong history in digital marketing, search engine optimisation, content marketing, and digital strategy, I’ve helped a range of clients from small businesses to global names understand and take control of this part of their digital strategy.

Report Pricing

Initial Setup – $880 incl. GST

Monthly Report & Analysis – $110 incl. GST

Cost to you over a 12 month period = $2,090 incl. GST

Other Pricing

Along with reporting, I offer technical SEO, strategy, writing, and editing services. While these actions require a brief from you to quote accurately, my hourly rate is listed below as a guideline.

Hourly rate = $77 incl. GST

What’s Not Included

The report is based on a detailed analysis and recommendations for further actions. Completion of those further actions, such as website maintenance, or content creation, are not included in the monthly price.

If required, I offer the following;

  • Quotations for implementing those further actions
  • Training for you and your team so that you can implement the changes yourself
  • Referral to someone else when required works are outside my scope of knowledge

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