Sydney Copywriter & Content Strategist

Hi there!

My name’s Lewis, but my friends call me Lu, so now you can too.

I’m a copywriter, content & SEO strategist, and a sales expert based in Sydney, Australia. I decided to start ljbcreative as a freelance creative outlet to help small businesses, entrepreneurs and sole-traders boost their digital marketing efforts in a clever and affordable way.

As the former primary creative and strategic driver behind one of Australia’s prominent SEO agencies, I was fortunate enough to gather market-leading knowledge whilst delivering solid results to clients, both nationally and internationally, across a wide range of industries. I was also instrumental in creating the SEO and Content framework that the agency strongly uses and promotes.

I’ve been privileged to work across a huge range of industries for a number of high-profile businesses. Some of these include;

  • Virgin Money
  • University Of Newcastle
  • MTC Australia
  • Bambora Payments
  • Crunch Fitness
  • Conair VS Sassoon
  • Stacks Law Firm

Freelance Content Services

I offer a small range of specialised services designed to aid you with your digital marketing efforts. These services are content strategy creation, copywriting, and search engine optimisation.

A little more about me…

When I’m not writing words, I’m writing music. I’m a diehard metal fan with a dangerous love for beautiful guitars and beastly riffs and keenly compose, perform and record on a range of instruments. I’m a keen foodie, self-professed wine and craft beer connoisseur, and a hopeless animal lover. If your business revolves around any of those topics, I just know we’re going to get along just fine.

Thanks for checking out ljbcreative, I hope you find a reason for us to work together!