Politics Isn’t Complicated, They’re Really That Shit

Many Australians have reached their boiling point with our Government and it’s not difficult to see why. In 11 years, we’ve had 7 Prime Ministers. With the latest one, Scott “ScoMo” Morrison, we’ve seen an absolute trainwreck of greed and selfishness, and a complete lack of interest in how the majority of Australians actually what the country to progress on key issues.

This isn’t new whatsoever but what has changed is the volume of people, particularly younger Australians, that are getting involved in politics and calling the rage-inducing amount of garbage that spills forth from the corrupt mouths of our elected officials. (I use the term elected loosely, of course).

When I was much younger I watched question time, as it happened to appear on ABC before the afternoon’s cartoons. I remember remarking to my parents and grandparents in disbelief “do these people really run the country?!”. Whenever I said that I got some giggles and nods of agreeance, but no discussion. It was just a “that’s the way it is” mentality.

More recently, I’ve become more engaged with what’s happening in politics and a topic that was seemingly very complex, really isn’t. The problem was/is that pointing out everything that’s wrong with our politicians and parties sounds like an enormous conspiracy theory.

So much trust is put in these people that I can only imagine the amount of Australians that think “I don’t know about this political stuff, I’ll leave it to the experts”. Or “my family has always voted this way so I’ll just do that”. And that’s what they’re supposed to be right – experts.

Yet, for every minister of this and that how many actually have any expertise or knowledge in those areas? Is the minister for health a doctor, scientist or researcher? Is the minister for transport a civil planner, or engineer? The minister for education an academic?

The answer is almost always no. And in the rare instance that they were an expert, it wouldn’t matter as they just get shuffled around to other areas regularly. To hammer home this point – Tony Abbot was the minister for women… what a ridiculous and disgusting arrogant act that was. He was then, of course, made envoy to indigenous communities – an equally unwanted appointment.

So then if these people aren’t experts, then their job must be to use experts right? If that were the case, then why do we still argue about things that fly directly in the face of fact? Why are we still discussing climate change and how to mitigate its effects? Why do we need a postal vote to decide on whether our fellow Australians should be afforded the same rights to marry?

If they’re not experts and don’t adequately use experts, then perhaps they should speak for their constituents – the people in the areas that they’ve been elected to govern. Again, this is not the case. Let’s bring up good ol’ Tone again where he adamantly and aggressively denounced gay marriage while his constituents in Warringah were one of the highest pro-equality voters in the country.

They’re not experts, they ignore experts, and they just push their own agenda. It’s that simple.

Whether it’s masking hatred and intolerance behind the veil of religion, or denouncing scientific facts with personal opinion, your elected officials use their station to do whatever the hell they want and given the recent and significant blowback to the liberal party – Australians are jack sick of it.

It’s time for all of us to take the romanticised notion of government officials working in our best interests and throw it directly in the trash. These people are woefully underqualified to represent any of us and have such low morals and ethics that they will happily sell out any minority or segment of the population if it benefits them positively.

(This certainly doesn’t go for all pollies – just the ones that impact us the most).

Furthermore, when I say “people” in reference to our politicians I’m being generous to the diversity and equality that’s on display from our major parties. How much can we expect our officials to understand the needs of different groups of Australians when they’re almost all privileged white cis straight men?

The majority came from money, and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars above the average wage every year with some continuing to earn staggering amounts after retirement.

What do they know about being on youth allowance? What do they know about being bullied, harassed and attacked just for being born a different race or for loving someone from the same sex?

It’s simple – they don’t. As they continue to hire and appoint their own white straight cis male brethren to positions of power, the ignorance continues indefinitely. The one thing they do understand is money, how to make it and how to ensure they continue to be in the positions that allow them to make the decisions that keep that money flowing for them.

Why Can’t We Focus On The Things That Matter

Gender equality, climate change, immigration, LGBTQIA rights, poverty, employment, housing. These are just a handful of important issues that continuously get swept under the rug because the people in power don’t give a shit.

They’d rather have internal spats, call each other names and then proudly pat each other on the back when the next clone takes the throne of PM. These are little boys. Privileged, selfish, dishonest and cowardly little boys. They don’t deserve the respect that many give them. They don’t deserve to be our voice on an international stage and they don’t deserve to debate the complex issues when they have zero understanding or respect for what they’re talking about.

When children are killing themselves on Nauru, Morrison is selling out our national landmark to gambling companies. When LGBTQIA children and adults are being harmed because our government won’t teach them that the way they feel and our they see themselves is normal and accepted – our pollies are talking about how it’s “ok to be white”.

In what possible way is this acceptable? In what possible way is it OK for these people to divert attention away from important issues and ignore them hoping that the general public will forget about it when the news cycle changes.

Everyday news outlets are calling out our governments bullshit. Whether it’s the catastrophes they’re ignoring, or whether it’s the disturbing amount of things that they do with taxpayer money ($30,000 for internet expenses? Get absolutely fucked).

These are not complex issues or complex people. They are simple people. People that are corrupted by greed and power and think that they’re untouchable because of their station.

How much longer will Australia be brought down to the level of a few at the sacrifice of so many. When will we start to uproot the systems we thought were solid and create something we can all be proud of. When will I be able to say with pride that I’m Australian because I know that the reputation we have is so sort-after by other countries?

Our government is an absolute embarrassment to Australia. It’s an embarrassment to human rights and it’s an embarrassment to the world.

It’s time that we knock these people of their high-horse and replace them with people that want to make Australia and the world a better place. That want to create a better future for the generations to come. It’s time that we stop letting a handful of people that won’t live to see the damage they’ve done make the decisions that will affect the rest of our lives.